James Ranch. Three generations of James's  and their families welcome the accelerated interest in their grassed-based,  organically, locally produced meats, cheese, vegetables & flowers,  eggs, and trees. All our products are sustainably grown  on the ranch we have stewarded for forty-eight years in the Animas  Valley, 10 miles north of Durango, Colorado.  We currently sell 100% grass-fed and finished beef,  from Red Angus cows—by the side or by the steak—never away  from our supervision until on your grill. Our artisan cheeses are  made of raw milk from our Jersey cows raised and milked right on the  ranch. We've been making these distinctive cheeses over eight years;  they stand alone among Colorado homestead cheeses. Our pastured chickens  produce brown & green eggs sought after by our local customers  for their outstanding taste. We devote six acres to growing vegetables,  flowers, and fruits that defy the imagination and short growing  season of our high mountain valley. We don't expect our customers  to eat our spruce trees, but recommend these mature, naturally grown,  native trees for your landscape needs.  Both our beef herd and dairy herd are completely  grass based. All of our animals are raised without the use of chemical  fertilizers, pesticides, hormones or antibiotics. We strongly believe  in farming and ranching sustainably and improving the land whenever possible.  We love to have our customers see what we do and learn of our holistic  practices that support the healthy land, crops, animals, and families.  During the summer from June thru October we have guided tours two days  per week, using an electric cart for ease of transport and enjoyment.  Our products are available at our own Ranch Market  (Open M-F, 11:00-6:00, May-Oct. and open Saturdays 1-4:30, during the  winter). We also make our products available at the Durango and Telluride  Farmer's Markets, regional natural food stores and singular  restaurants in the area. Visit our website for more specifics about each  product. Contact us about shipping possibilities.  James Ranch, David and Kay James, 33800 Hwy 550, Durango  CO 81301. (970) 247-8652. E-mail: james-ranch@homegrowncow.com or cheese@jamesranch.net.  Website: James Ranch.

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